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In September you told us your priorities and ideas for improving the town centre.

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Town Centre Plan proposals on Show in Abergele

Proposed ideas and actions for Abergele town centre will be on display for the public on 20 and 21 October in the latest stage of the Abergele Placemaking Plan process which is being carried out by Conwy County Borough Council.

Following a good response to the September Abergele Placemaking Plan community event and feedback and comments from discussions and an on-line survey, Conwy County Borough Council and consultants Chris Jones Regeneration have been working up proposals that aim to bring about economic prosperity and social well-being in the town centre. 

Ideas for creating more public space and using key buildings in the town are among a number of proposals for the town centre which will be shown to the public at the event before further consultation in over the coming weeks

Local residents, businesses and community organisations are now invited to view the proposals which have been put together for comment.

Talking about the upcoming event Conwy Cabinet Member, Cllr Chris Hughes, said: "We're delighted with the response from the community to the work that is being put into the Abergele Placemaking Plan. I'd encourage people to come along to these events to have their say in the latest stage of the process."

The two-day community event is being held at the Youth and Community Centre, Market Street, from 10am to 8pm on Thursday, 20 October and from 10am to 4pm on Friday 21 October 2016. 

Members of the consultant team and officers from Conwy County Borough Council will be on hand to share the proposed actions for the town and to discuss ways of delivering them.

Have your say!

Come and view the proposals:

10am - 8pm Thursday, 20 October

10am - 4pm Friday, 21 October

Youth and Community Centre, The Old School, Market Street.

Have Your Say on Ideas for Abergele Town Centre

September 8/9

Making things happen in the town centre is the focus of the Abergele Placemaking Plan community event on 8th and 9th September.

Building on the feedback from the consultation in 2015, Conwy County Borough Council have appointed Chris Jones Regeneration to support them and other partners in turning ideas into a deliverable vision and action plan. The consultant team have worked in numerous town centres across Wales, including the North Wales towns of Blaenau Ffestiniog and Holyhead, which has developed plans and levered activity and investment that has complemented the needs of local people as well as visitors.

Talking about the upcoming event Conwy Cabinet Member, Cllr Chris Hughes, said: “We had a fantastic response during last year’s consultation, which brought up lots of issues for the wider town area. It’s now time to start developing ideas and moving these into firm proposals over the next few months. We hope people will get involved again and helps us shape priorities and help us make a difference in Abergele.”

The two-day community event is being held at the Youth and Community Centre, Market Street, from 12.30pm to 8pm on Thursday, 8th September and from 9am to 4pm on Friday, 9th September 2016.

Members of the consultant team and officers from Conwy County Borough Council will be on hand to listen to peoples’ views and start to shape ideas.

You can also help us by filling in a short survey about your opinion of the town centre. Please follow the link below to complete the questionnaire, no later than 5pm on Friday, 16th September.

Poster: Abergele Placemaking Plan: what do you want to happen in Abergele town centre?

Abergele Place Plan – Update

Work on the Abergele Place Plan continues apace although admittedly not all visible as yet to the public. 

The Council has brought together and categorised all of the projects that the community suggested through the consultation and these have been allocated to specific council services.  Not all projects can happen at once but each service will assess the projects in terms of deliverability, viability and community importance. As we’ve said from the start, not all of the ideas are realistic or achievable for technical or financial reasons, but we want to make sure that as many happen as possible and we will focus our attention on what matters most to Abergele.   

Development briefs have been prepared for several key strategic sites and potential development for which consultants will be commissioned.   Once implemented, these will likely see big changes to the town and address key issues such as traffic flow, parking availability, low quality housing and the shopfront appearance. 

An independent benchmark report has been completed to identify key issues from business owners and customer viewpoint.  A Business Forum, including members of the Town Council, has been established for early liaison for any town centre project work and consultants will be used to prepare a specific town centre improvement plan.   

Once the documents have been approved by the Council updates will be made available on the APP website where you can register for updates. 

Community Consultation – Update

Community Consultation took place between 6th July and 28th August 2015. Thank you to all residents and businesses that attended the Abergele Placemaking Plan consultation exhibitions and submitted project ideas for the Plan via the website.  We have been overwhelmed with the number of project ideas submitted and the clear passion for the town. Project ideas ranging from regeneration of the town centre, improvements to Pentre Mawr Park, traffic congestion improvements to an improved seafront are to name just a few.

We are now in the process of reviewing all project ideas prior to preparing a draft Plan for the community of Abergele to see and comment.  We will assess projects based on a number of criteria, including finance and funding available.  Once the Plan is finalised and you as an Abergele resident are happy with how it looks to improve the town, we can than start delivering the projects you want to see and make Abergele a better place.  The draft Plan should be finalised in early December 2015, after which we will inform you again and ask for comment.

In the meantime, you can still register on the Abergele Placemaking Plan website, or visit the twitter and facebook pages.




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